Kuroda's Thought on Revolution
A Consideration of Neo-Stalinism and
the Vanguard Organization

Read in English historic early works by Kan'ichi Kuroda. Revive anti-Stalinist fighting spirit. This volume is a gift for workers throughout the world.

H182 mm, W128 mm, pp. 328.
ISBN 978-4-901218-02-3.
3600 yen in Japan .
Published by Kaihoh-sha.


Part I

Outset of Neo-Stalinism:
Criticism of the Criticism of the Stalin Cult

Preface to the English Edition
Preface on September 19th, 1956
Afterword on October 22nd, 1956

I. The Major Conversion of the Century

1. The Death of Stalin
- From Malenkov to Bulganin
- The Background to Malenkov's Resignation
2. The 20th Party Congress
- Khrushchev's Speech and its Repercussions
- Mikoyan's Speech
3. The Repercussions
- Problems in Mikoyan's Speech
- Wavering by Stalinists
- Denunciation of the Personality Cult in the Soviet Union
- Repercussions in East European Countries
- The Stalin Criticism and China
- Togliatti's Criticism of Khrushchev

II. Was Stalin Wrong?

4. Why Did The Personality Cult Come Into Being?
- 1. After the 'Stalin Criticism'
- 2. What is Stalinism?
- 3. The Evaluation of Stalin in China
- 4. The Organization and the Human Entity
- 5. History and Human Entities
- 6. Reversed Dogmatism
- 7. The Personality Cult and Social Conditions in Russia
- 8. The Russian Spiritual Climate and the Personality Cult
- 9. Is Communism a Religion?
- 10. The Meaning of 'Stalin Criticism'
5. 'War Is Not Inevitable'?
- Interpretation of Stalin's Theory of the 'Inevitability of War'
- Criticism of the Theory of Khrushchev
6. Is Peaceful Revolution Possible?
- The Theory of Socialist Revolution in One Country
-The Theory of People's Democratic Revolution
- Khrushchev's Strategy
- The Deception of the Theory of 'Peaceful Revolution'

III. Secrets of Stalinism

7. Lessons of the Stalin Criticism
8. The Personality Cult and Stalin's Philosophy
9. Limitations of Stalin's Philosophy

Part II

For the Creation of a Vanguard Organization

Preface to the English Edition

The Struggle for the Proletarian Party

1. The Problems of the Vanguard Party in the Contemporary Revolution

A. What is the Vanguard Party?
B. Stalinist Alienation of the Official Communist Party
C. Opposition to the False Vanguard Party

2. The Logic of Creation of the Revolutionary vanguard Party

A. Two Deviations in the Anti-Stalinist Movement and Their Undoing
B. Organizing Tactics of Revolutionary Communists
C. The Logic of Organizing Revolutionary Workers

3. The Contemporary Revolution and Human Revolutionalization


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Agitation to Denounce the NATO Bombing


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